The 26-year-old rapper responded to a plea on Twitter and helped a GoFundMe campaign meet its goal.
The "cardigan" singer quietly gave to the GoFundMe campaign for Theodis Ray Quarles, who succumbed to the virus a week before Christmas.
“I don’t know how all of this got so twisted,” the 23-year-old fashion mogul lamented about her $5,000 donation to help makeup artist Samuel Rauda.
The world’s highest-paid celebrity angered fans after she asked for donations to pay for her makeup stylist’s medical expenses.
The wealthy cosmetics mogul angered fans when she asked for donations to help a makeup artist, who was in an accident.
Confronted with aggressive landlords and layoffs, tenants across the country are trying to avoid eviction, debt and homelessness.
Shortages of masks and other gear at hospitals around the country are forcing doctors and nurses to raise money to buy their own supplies.
Foxxx, who appears on the TLC reality series "90 Day Fiance" as Stephanie Woodcock, said she believes the date would still be on if she didn't make adult films.
After a car crash severely injured his son, a father realized how fortunate his family still is, which inspired him to help other families that can't afford the excellent medical care his son received.
Outrageous health care costs and a merciless system are forcing Americans to raise money from strangers, revealing the ugly truths about U.S. health care.