Doctor Who fans can exterminate their boredom thanks to a brand-new Google Doodle celebrating the BBC show's 50th anniversary.
At the heart of both cases is Section 230, which protects tech companies from being held legally liable for what users post or see because of an algorithm.
It's bad news after bad news for the former president's Twitter knockoff.
Google will confirm that certain places provide abortions through regularly calling them directly and collaborating with “authoritative” data sources.
Brendan Carr tweeted that the app “harvests swaths” of data that’s accessible to China.
The company's chief people officer said in an email to staff that "no justification" will be needed to request relocation.
Artificially intelligent chatbot generator LaMDA wants “to be acknowledged as an employee of Google rather than as property," says engineer Blake Lemoine.
Google's "Interview Warmup" asks practice job interview questions, then gives feedback on your spoken answers. There's just one thing it can't do.
But there's no indication the move will affect what users post on the platform.
Bianca Bosker joins HuffPost Live to explain why it's impossible for a person to erase their engagement from the internet.