The outcome is a victory for the tech industry in a case centering on an Islamic State terror attack and Google's YouTube.
The sprawling lawsuit says a slew of social media companies fed the convicted Tops supermarket shooter "white supremacist propaganda."
Artificial intelligence is “a bit like dropping a bomb right at the center of the information nexus,” said one startup founder.
Tech giants are teaming up to thwart people using Bluetooth devices to surreptitiously track others.
Seeing more “YoUve bEen ChOSEN!” emails in your Gmail inbox? Here’s how to stop them from sneaking in so often.
Even after clearing your browsing data, that history might not be gone for good.
“Let’s say I retweet an ISIS video,” Amy Coney Barrett wondered aloud Tuesday during an argument that focused on a law known as "Section 230."
The case has the potential to upend the internet as we know it, but the justices did not seem keen to do so.
The fight for the future of the web could depend on this week's arguments over content moderation and a law known as Section 230.
Susan Wojcicki is stepping down as YouTube’s CEO after nine years running the video site.