Melpomeni Dina was a teenager and an orphan when she risked her life to hide and protect the Mordechai family.
Biden trumpeted a fight for the "soul of the nation." The Mooch said he's still a Republican, and is searching for a GOP candidate to challenge Trump, who has "lost his mind."
The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are giving the final rose to you, Hannah Brown.
Claire Fallon and Emma Gray catch up with the guys and present more “Bachelorette” superlatives, including the best new feminist ally and who (in spite of his best efforts) completely failed to make the episode all about him.
Claire Fallon and Emma Gray hand out superlatives in what was itself a superlative episode of the “Bachelorette,” including the best dating role model and the most satisfying one-liner.
New rules have been handed down to ensure the safety and well-being of the island's iconic animals.
Someone in Aitoliko is going to have to do a lot of dusting.
The Moria camp on the island of Lesbos is way over capacity, forcing people to live in squalor.
Countries across the globe are battling wildfires that have scorched a national park, killed dozens and forced hundreds from their homes.
The inferno killed at least 74 people.
The blaze, which erupted in the small resort village of Mati, is the worst the country has seen in over a decade.
"It was organized fascists who attacked me as a person and as a mayor," Yannis Boutaris said.
A Greek nonprofit hopes to find a better use for the billions of dollars worth of prescription medication wasted every year.
TripAdvisor has published its annual list of the top ten travel destinations in the country. For the eighth year in a row, New York City earned the number one spot.
Five children are reportedly among the dead.
Greece is undergoing a refugee crisis, and their public health system is struggling to cope.