“This is the first time [Peanut] has intervened during a press conference. Usually, he just greets guests at the door and is more polite,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis explained.
Opa! These books, some vintage and some modern, include recipes that any Greek grandmother worth her sea salt would be proud to present.
In some places, temperatures have soared to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
Firefighters and residents are battling into the night against a massive forest fire on Evia, Greece’s second-largest island, for a seventh day.
More than 100 fires have broken out across Greece over the past few days.
Devastating wildfires are affecting people’s lives from the U.S. to the Mediterranean.
As news of the guilty verdicts broke, cheers and celebrations erupted among the crowd of at least 20,000 people gathered outside the Athens courthouse.
More than 12,000 people are in emergency need of shelter after fleeing the fires overnight at Moria refugee camp.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and thousands of other Muslims gathered for Friday prayers at the nearly 1,500-year-old house of worship.
Greek officials say that because of COVID-19, the lighting for the Tokyo games will go on without the thousands of spectators who usually attend.