ATHENS/BRUSSELS, July 28 (Reuters) - Conflicting statements and denials flew between Athens and Brussels on Tuesday in
For the past two weeks Greece has entered the climax of the Comedy of Errors - that is its six-year-old economic crisis. Banks have closed, referendums called, rallies and counter-rallies have been held, society divided and tales of conspiracies and Armageddon have become commonplace.
Zoe Konstantopoulou has twice rejected financial reforms proposed by the prime minister.
Tsipras may consider resignation if his party fails to secure enough votes for reforms this week
Customers at Kri Kri bakery can buy bread named after the villains of Greece's latest tragedy.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's proposed bailout cleared further key hurdles Friday after German lawmakers overwhelmingly
Now that a cycle has run its course and it feels like a whole century has passed since the Sunday of the referendum, I dare ask the sacrilegious question: What would have possibly happened had we voted "YES"?
Greece's Parliament has approved an austerity bill demanded by bailout creditors, despite a significant level of dissent
ATHENS, July 15 (Reuters) - Protesters threw petrol bombs at Greek police outside parliament in Athens on Wednesday as lawmakers
Recessions make ghosts--ghosts of industry past, ghosts of supermarkets past, ghosts of tenants and their dream condos past. And Greece, in the midst of an economic crisis worse than the Great Depression, is full of them.