Gretchen Carlson

She never dreamed that downloading an app would prevent her from seeking justice.
Three years after she sued Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, Carlson is still fighting the problems she confronted at Fox News.
HuffPost spoke with Gretchen Carlson and past winners about nixing the bikini competition and the future of the pageant during the Me Too era.
The current Miss America spoke to HuffPost about her recent allegations of bullying by chairwoman Gretchen Carlson.
Current Miss America Cara Mund has accused Carlson of "disrespect, passive-aggressive behavior, belittlement, and outright exclusion."
Kidman would star opposite of Charlize Theron, who is set to play Megyn Kelly.
Shine resigned from Fox last year after reportedly attempting to cover up sexual harassment complaints.
The elimination of the swimsuit competition is only a Band-Aid on a wound that needs serious surgery.
Miss America Organization chair Gretchen Carlson has pledged to make the contest more inclusive in response to Me Too.
The film has reportedly been in the works since before the former network CEO's death last year.
The appointments of former pageant winners follow male board members abruptly resigning in December.
"Those stories are a slap in the face to all the women who have lost their careers,” the former Fox News anchor says.
"I feel overjoyed to have found someone to share life’s adventures,” she said.
High-powered men who lose their jobs after being accused of sexual misconduct can still score paychecks when they leave.
Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson has been tapped to lead the Miss America Organization in the wake of its email scandal.
Carlson will be the first former Miss America to lead the organization.
The women spoke out after HuffPost reported on a shocking set of internal emails filled with misogynistic statements.
Carlson was the whistleblower who spotlighted sexual misconduct by then-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.
“That is not a fair choice, and it is something that no one should have to put up with," said bill co-sponsor Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.