Grover Norquist

A group linked to well-known "big government" foe Grover Norquist got cash from the Paycheck Protection Program -- as did an Ayn Rand advocacy organization.
The president has stripped the veneer of respectability off the super-rich.
Unless the $1,000-per-child tax credit is doubled, most lower- and middle-income families will barely see a cut, if at all.
Top priorities are cutting the corporate tax rate, other business taxes and taxes that affect mainly the rich.
Grover Norquist blasts reports the White House is considering raising the top rate.
Let's stand with public employees and make sure we have enough of them. Even businesses wouldn't freeze hiring--they'd figure
Under our respective "purple tents," we can all recognize that America is more united than divided, that thoughtful people can have thoughtful dialogue, and that disputes can get resolved and urgent issues solved.
Plastic polluters throw their weight and money around to buy influence, and legislative outcomes. California's statewide
Until ATR fully discloses its donors -- or Forbes retracts their piece -- we can be sure of one thing: the soda industry has a reliable ally in Americans for Tax Reform for the years ahead.