Gun Control

The president parroted the refrain from critics who oppose enhanced scrutiny of firearm purchases.
The presidential hopeful talked to Republican gun owners and Trump supporters on Saturday after proposing an assault weapon ban earlier this week.
The incident raises serious concerns that concealed guns intended to protect students could kill them.
Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has called the committee to return early from congressional recess following three mass shootings.
"There should be something on guns. There should be a better background check,” one man said.
“If at this moment we do not wake up to this threat, then we as a country will die in our sleep,” he said.
“Our officers need help. They need help with gun control," Mayor Jim Kenney said after six officers were shot and injured during a standoff with an armed man.
"Perhaps actually saying & doing it out loud would have a bigger impact," suggested the MSNBC host.
The former vice president helped get assault weapons banned in 1994. He'll do it again if elected president, he wrote in The New York Times.
The former "NRA Mom" now says "we must do something about guns."
The Democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate released a plan aimed at reducing gun deaths by 80%.
“If video games are so persuasive, maybe video games could even inspire politicians to do something to end gun violence,” said the host of "The Daily Show."
Mitch McConnell told a Kentucky radio station that Trump called him Thursday morning and they discussed several ideas.
In a new letter, mayors from across the country ask Senate leaders to bring the chamber back from recess to act on gun violence.
Now the president wants to know what he can do through executive action.
The comedian’s idea also references another one of the GOP’s favorite pastimes.
Late night comics, including Stephen Colbert and James Corden, got serious about the two mass shootings that occurred over the weekend.
"The Daily Show" host said Hannity's proposal "sounds like the bleakest Dr. Seuss book ever."
The laws, thrust into the spotlight after recent mass shootings, have garnered bipartisan support as other gun control measures flounder.
The Pennsylvania senator told Fox News that banning the military-style weapons would infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.