“We continue to explore options that we have at our disposal," the State Department said.
Gang violence has plunged the nation into one of its worst periods of chaos.
The country's international airport was shuttered by gangs that now control most of the capital city.
The attack follows violence in which armed gang members overran the two biggest prisons and freed thousands of inmates over the weekend.
The judge’s findings are expected to further destabilize a country already struggling with a surge in gang violence and recovering from a spate of recent violent protests.
Prosecutors alleged that Michael Geilenfeld abused about 20 children over decades and forced four boys who lived in his orphanage in Haiti to engage in sexual acts.
The Dominican Republic’s president has announced he will close all borders with neighboring Haiti starting Friday in a dispute over a canal on the Haitian side that would divert water from a border river.
Gangs have grown more powerful since the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, and they are estimated to control up to 80% of Port-au-Prince.
There’s a decidedly different magnitude of focus when it comes to Black and brown people in war-torn countries.
A musical prodigy and Haitian icon, the 41-year-old collapsed while trying to walk offstage.