Haley Barbour

McAuliffe courted and charmed all, especially the controlling Republican opposition in the state legislature, the General
Lest we forget, Donald Trump was a big birther back in the day.
The boldest of these was Mississippi’s Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, who championed the construction of a Toyota factory
To fully understand University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones unceremoniously getting the boot, you must take the advice of advice of Watergate's Deep Throat and "follow the money."
As Majority Leader McConnell wields greater power than he has ever held in his life, some hack pundits predict that such awesome power will have a moderating influence on him. Don't count on it. People who strive for power the way McConnell has done throughout his career cannot be trusted to "moderate" themselves.
Before Bachmann was chastised for her comments, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) personally apologized to Obama for his own "tar
Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and his nephews Henry and Austin were instrumental in saving the political hide of
The pro-Cochran super PAC ran advertisements on radio and in newspapers touting the senator's support for the African-American
For decades, Mississippi Republicans and Democrats have paid black ministers to appeal to their congregations to vote for their candidates.
Do Mississippi Republicans have a millennial problem? Evan M. Alvarez, former chairman of the Federation of College Republicans, has deserted the elephant for the donkey.
BGR Group, whose lobbyists have given $18,300 to Cochran's campaign this cycle, represents clients with sites in Mississippi
The winner of the runoff will face off against former Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.) in the November general election. Bloomberg
Cochran parried adequately with the press, though he did so mostly with vagueness rather than specifics. He said he couldn’t
Cochran and his campaign are emphasizing his ability to bring home the bacon in the closing days of a nasty, bruising primary
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) left Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) hours-long Senate speech against Obamacare Tuesday to attend a fundraiser
My greatest disagreement is with Governor Barbour's view that we will never be able to end racial discrimination and animus in Mississippi or anywhere else. I believe we can and must. And considering how far Mississippi has come in the last 50 years, I believe history is on my side.
But in 2010, the Obama administration shut down work on the waste storage facility and created a panel of experts to evaluate
The content of the Heritage study was controversial enough. It estimated that the bill's provisions giving undocumented immigrants
In the gun debate, the "criminals will get guns and gun deaths will occur no matter what" argument is one that I hear often. There is extensive social science data demonstrating that policy interventions -- namely, regulation -- make for a healthier, safer society.