Hate Crimes

Jacob Beacher, 24, was charged with damage to religious property and making fraudulent statements.
The two victims may have also been targeted because of their racial identities.
"Racism is real. And it happens. And it's awful," said University of Utah coach Lynne Roberts.
Five weeks after the fatal shooting of John Walter Lay, a man who community members said had targeted their neighbor with slurs and threats is in custody.
Most Asian Americans who responded to a survey indicated that they changed their behavior or routine to avoid hate crimes.
A South Carolina man was found guilty of killing a Black transgender woman in the nation’s first federal trial over an alleged hate crime based on gender identity.
Anderson Aldrich’s guilty plea is part of a deal with federal prosecutors that may help the shooter avoid the death penalty, according to local news reports.
“He has demonstrated remarkable courage, resilience and fortitude," his family and friends said.
An uncle of one of the students shot in the possible hate crime said it's “hard to imagine” the young men were not targeted.
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is calling on the police and the FBI to investigate the shooting as a hate crime.