Hate Crimes

Stop AAPI Hate has collected nearly 10,000 reports of anti-Asian racism since March 2020.
Robert Aaron Long still faces the death penalty if convicted in four more shooting deaths at Atlanta-area spas.
Miya Ponsetto is hit with two counts of unlawful imprisonment as a hate crime, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment.
The alleged shooter wrote about "the superiority of the white race. About whites being ‘apex predators,’" the district attorney said. "He drew swastikas.”
The all-female staff at Clifton's Palestinian American Community Center received about 30 calls including slurs, death threats and threats of sexual abuse.
The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act was written in response to a sharp rise in anti-Asian racist violence over the past year.
The House passed legislation that aims to address the nationwide uptick in violence toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
As an Asian American and the founder of civil rights organization Rise, Nguyen knows all too well how racism and sexism can work in tandem.
Catherine Shieh teaches people over Zoom how to support and comfort victims during harassment attacks.
In California’s Bay Area, organizers are fighting for Asian Americans to feel safe — from hate crimes and racism, but also from climate change, the housing crisis and more.