Hate Speech

Trump's tweets calling on four women of color in Congress to "go back" to other countries were racist, full stop. Not "racially charged." Racist.
Twitter takes aim at "language that dehumanizes others on the basis of religion.”
The Federal Office for Justice said the social networking company had failed to meet transparency requirements for its handling of hate speech complaints.
A 13-year-old faces assault charges in the attack, which the mother said came after her son was bullied about his ethnicity.
The hate-spewing pastor has repeatedly called for the deaths of gay people and prayed for the death of Barack Obama.
The chilling missives used several of President Donald Trump's catchphrases to attack the press.
Goodbye to conspiracy theorists and hatemongers like Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and others!
The video-sharing app has let hate speech flourish as a growing number of users, many of them young, flock to TikTok.
The House Judiciary meeting was instead a fight over whether white supremacy is a problem at all.
The comment section had to be shut down shortly before the spokeswoman addressed the committee.
Politicians and civil rights groups praised the policy change but some questioned whether the social media giant had gone far enough.
The company claimed its anti-LGBTQ days are a thing of the past. Critics don't clucking believe it.
The NYPD is investigating the anti-Semitic vandalism as a possible hate crime.
"Behind the negation of Israel's existence, what is hiding is the hatred of Jews," the French leader said.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has apparently become a fixation.
The comedian's history of anti-LGBTQ jokes and tweets resurfaces once again after he expressed support for the "Empire" star, who is gay.
I’m not convinced people are fully aware how the job of of female-minded criticism is complicated by the way we are treated by the men who read, watch and listen to our opinions.