Drone footage reveals the danger at the mountain's summit.
Waves of glowing lava and smoky ash are sputtering from the world’s largest active volcano and people have been warned to be ready if their communities are threatened.
Currently, there are no evacuation orders and Big Island Mayor Mitch Roth said “At this time, it’s not a time to be alarmed."There are no evacuation orders.
Local attorneys say they’ve never heard of the federal government prosecuting Native Hawaiians for hate crimes before this case.
Hawaii officials are warning residents of the Big Island that the world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, is sending signals that it may erupt.
“Just life in general appears to be much more plentiful and more abundant,” a researcher on the project said.
Gov. David Ige signed an executive order Tuesday that aims to prevent other states from punishing their residents who get an abortion in the islands.
The Hawaii Democrat is pushing a bill to bar schools from receiving federal funding if they allow transgender girls to compete in women’s sports.
The team was so dominant, it couldn't play any longer against Curaçao in the final.
Native Hawaiians will now have more say over use of sacred Mauna Kea summit by scientists.