Three other people sustained gunshot wounds during the late-night event.
There is sparked widespread concern many of Hawaii's children won't be able to afford living in their homeland as adults.
The Colorado Republican seems to have a problem with Alaska, Hawaii and more.
Lawmakers in Colorado and at least five other states are considering rolling back protections that have kept the industry at arm’s length from questions of blame.
A Boeing 777 plunged toward the Pacific in December after taking off from Hawaii.
"Everybody's telling me I'm lucky," Caroline Sasaki said, after a 5-foot piece of rock smashed through the wall of her living room.
It's been seven years since the last Eddie competition. This time, women will compete alongside the men.
Nickie Mali Lum Davis failed to disclose that her lobbying effort was done on behalf of a fugitive Malaysian financier.
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has begun erupting inside its summit crater.
The wounds included a serious head injury, lacerations, bruising and loss of consciousness.