Health Care

Missourians defied their state's Republican leaders by voting to allow more adults to enroll in Medicaid.
Make Mexico pay for a border wall. Cut middle-class taxes by 35%. Bring jobs back from overseas. Trump has repeatedly failed to deliver on promises.
"Trump has no plan. Never has. Never will," the spot from progressive PAC MeidasTouch says.
Does anyone out there still believe that Republicans have a plan to replace Obamacare?
“Implying that somehow our lives are less than. That we don't count. That it's okay. And it's not. This was all preventable.” As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the U.S., the disability community has been hit especially hard.
A draft version of the Democratic Party platform praises the single-payer health care movement, which was led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and his backers.
The president has touted a "far better and much less expensive alternative" to the Affordable Care Act. But a plan for that alternative doesn't exist.
Essential workers have had to scramble for emergency child care, either public or private, to keep saving lives.
An hour before midnight, President Donald Trump’s administration filed a Supreme Court brief seeking to dismantle the Affordable Care Act during the coronavirus pandemic.
"It is more painful to advocate for myself to health care professionals and be let down than it is to not try at all."