Health Care

Rivals have challenged the Massachusetts senator on her plans to pay for the expansive legislation.
Whether you contract an illness or have an accident, here’s how to handle a medical event in a foreign country.
The answer is more complicated than the Democratic debates might suggest.
Everyone already knows where the candidates stand on "Medicare for All." Maybe there's something else to talk about?
Several candidates ganged up on Elizabeth Warren for not giving a more direct answer on taxes.
Polling indicates voters have significant doubts about whether the Vermont senator is healthy enough to serve as president.
The Democratic presidential contender aims to revamp health care, tackle HIV/AIDS and overturn the transgender military ban.
The massive new health care center, located in southern Illinois, is equipped to serve an estimated 11,000 patients annually.
General Motors now says company-funded benefits will continue uninterrupted during the work stoppage of nearly 50,000 workers.
More than 150 million Americans rely on job-based health insurance, which has gotten much more expensive in the past 10 years.
Plus: This model is fighting for the Latinx and disability communities.
Warren is facing criticism from the left and center on voters’ No. 1 issue: health care.
It's not Medicare for All. But Buttigieg's proposal would also make a big difference to a lot of people.
Location, location, location.
The former housing secretary questioned whether Biden was able to recall the facts of his health care plan during the third Democratic debate.
Currently, employees qualify for its health plan by working at least 20 hours per week.
During President Donald Trump’s speech at the annual GOP retreat, he rambled on about democrats, health care and different policies.
Biden can't seem to shake questions about his consistency and whispers about his fitness for office.
The former housing secretary did not hold back against former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic presidential debate in Houston.
"I've actually never met anybody who likes their health insurance company," Elizabeth Warren says as Joe Biden vows stability for currently insured Americans.