Health Care

The former housing secretary questioned whether Biden was able to recall the facts of his health care plan during the third Democratic debate.
Currently, employees qualify for its health plan by working at least 20 hours per week.
During President Donald Trump’s speech at the annual GOP retreat, he rambled on about democrats, health care and different policies.
Biden can't seem to shake questions about his consistency and whispers about his fitness for office.
The former housing secretary did not hold back against former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic presidential debate in Houston.
"I've actually never met anybody who likes their health insurance company," Elizabeth Warren says as Joe Biden vows stability for currently insured Americans.
Ady Barkan believes that “millions of people like me will still be denied care by their for-profit insurance company” under Harris’ plan.
The Census report found that 27.5 million people, 8.5% of the population, lacked health insurance coverage in 2018.
“Medicare for All is about a relationship that all of us have to each other,” Warren told Ady Barkan.
Why 'palliative care' can make such a difference, and why so few people get it.
Almost 18% of working-age diabetics are skipping meds because of cost.
Sanders sees health care as 2020's defining issue. Warren wants to tackle special interest influence and corruption in Washington.
Experts argue millions of low-income migrants may have to choose between needed services and staying in the U.S. legally.
Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) tells the AFSCME forum why she updated her proposed health care policy.
Trying to prove his progressive chops, Delaney touted his universal health care plan that would allow people to keep their private insurance.
Instead of coherent argument for their plans, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris served up a big, confusing mess.
"Medicare for All" was at the center of the controversy, yet again.
"The health care industry will be advertising tonight on this program,” Sanders told moderator Jake Tapper. “They will be advertising tonight with that talking point.”
2020 Democratic contenders have yet to explain how any version of the government-run health care plan would pass in a sharply divided Senate.