Health Care

"The best way we can say thanks is to erase this enormous financial burden ... a cost that was required to fight and win this war."
There's a lot of information we still don't have about COVID-19.
Lots of people will get help, though lots more will need it.
"Every one of us is the same when it comes to taking care of patients," said Menuka Dhungana.
People with higher weights get a lower quality of care from providers -- including delays in access to treatments -- due to cognitive bias.
Over the past 15 years, nearly 200 hospitals in rural communities have shut down.
The federal government could have let uninsured Americans in 38 states sign up for health insurance. It won't.
The president told a reporter to investigate hospitals over the shortage, even though experts warned of supply problems amid the coronavirus pandemic.
A guide on how doctors decide who gets a COVID-19 test, why celebrities get them without symptoms and more.
"I can’t afford to be sick in America. So for the next I-don’t-know-how-long, France will be my home."
Working in health care comes at a huge cost right now. This is what they're doing to protect us from COVID-19.
"My brother didn’t have to die,” Kious Kelly's sister tweeted. “Healthcare providers need Personal Protective Equipment NOW!”
"Without reinforcements and a cohesive national response, we will lose this war. ... You can help change that. Otherwise, our blood will be on your hands."
Living in crowded dorms with no space to quarantine the sick, farm laborers are "petrified."
The coronavirus pandemic is putting grocery store and restaurant workers at risk, often with no health protections and just a handful of safety precautions in place.
"President Trump, I beg you to take this pandemic more seriously and I am begging you to do it now."
Americans who need medical care for coronavirus infections face thousands of dollars in medical bills — even if they have health insurance.
Democrats argued the rescue package was tilted toward corporations and did too little to help workers and health care providers.
Professionals are taking steps to reuse scarce N95 respirators and other supplies as they care for COVID-19 patients.