Health Care

Here are the behaviors health care workers wish people would avoid and what else is making their job fighting the coronavirus difficult.
Lori Marie Key, a Detroit nurse who went viral for singing the song at her hospital, gave an emotional rendition at the inauguration eve memorial for coronavirus victims.
Federally funded senior centers have started rationing meals and slicing services to the bare bones. Without help, “these crises will be happening in every state."
Climate, health and social justice experts tell us how we can come out of the coronavirus crisis better than before.
The 87-year-old talk show host also has preexisting health conditions.
The 27-nation bloc began administering the first doses to doctors, nurses and the elderly on Sunday.
The physician said she had to repeatedly ask for medication, scans and routine checks while admitted at a hospital in Carmel, Indiana.
An imperfect, bipartisan compromise on "surprise billing" would make a big difference to consumers.
Doctors, nurses and others risk their lives every day and wonder why it's so important for everyone else to go to bars.
Almost all medical residents who interact most closely with patients were bumped to the back of the line.