Heartwarming Animals

We wish this handsome fellow the best of luck in the wild! Melanie examined the cat, commenting on the beautiful condition
That's when he noticed the bobbed tail and tufted ears and realized this was a Bobcat, albeit one small enough to be just
The sound of wind rushing past my ears, the hot sun on my back, a canopy of pale green beneath me, company of my own kind waiting. I had been given something most of us only dream. A second chance.
(Photo series continues below.) The view along the beach. Bulawka's boyfriend, Christian Valiente, sharing a dog-safe sandwich
The dogs' big smiles, easygoing natures, and the way they push their heads into any hand that's giving them a scratch endear
For polar bears and for all of us, the world is starting to come together, with peer pressure, a drop in the cost of renewables, and a growing recognition of the need to take action all playing a role.
Happy International Polar Bear Day! Arctic warming, made worse by greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, is one
This week, Unger has invited a new dog, named Bear, into his home. He posted the news to his Facebook page on Feb. 24, saying
“Medically, Charlie is doing okay,” said veterinary neurologist Boaz Levitin. “Mentally, he still feels as though he was
Cuddle Clones co-founder Jennifer Graham says on the website that the idea came to her in 2005, but it wasn't until her Great
By Courtney Sherwood Gray wolves, native to Oregon but wiped out in the state by an eradication campaign in the early 20th
H/T Tastefully Offensive This story has been updated with comments from Kayla Cagnola. Is that a puppy you're holding, or
And, as is true for most things, chill heron surfing goes much better set to Drake's "6 God" in the background. Given the
According to the Australia Zoo, koalas are "under great threat due to [urbanization] and massive, uncontrolled habitat destruction
Learn about your dog's limits physically, take the heat into consideration, and have a time limit for your hike. If their tongue is hanging out of their mouth more than half way, it's a sign to stop and take a rest.
The Canadian Broadcasting Company identified Elsa's hockey-playing companion as Greg Cox, who added in a different video
"I found that the way society genderizes animal ownership very compelling," Williams explained to The Huffington Post. "As
"He will rest his hip on the sofa and lay his head on my lap," says Jankowski. "Greyhounds need to be shown how to get up
H/T Uproxx Breakfast has never been cuter. Just look at bits of food get stuck on the chin of one of these rescued baby otters
Good boy, Judge. "It's about showing respect, but also the people who are here wanted to thank Judge for his service to the