High School

Not only did she remember him, Patrice had held onto a picture he drew for her.
They’re living through a massive economic crisis, and their schools are facing total upheaval. Some teenagers are suddenly tasked with becoming their family’s breadwinners.
During a year of unprecedented educational upheaval, experts are fearing that kids are going to start leaving school and not coming back.
In a coronavirus-themed tribute to MC Hammer, Quentin J. Lee urges students to "Stop! Sanitize!" as they traverse their high school's hallways.
High school senior Jessie Skyy Turney-Zapata apparently had two options: attend an event with up to 500 people or get snubbed.
The scripted limited series “Colin in Black & White” will explore the athlete and activist's formative high school years.
Hawaii graduates share their hopes for the future as the global pandemic has altered the joyful and lei-filled ceremonies of their island home.
The 29-year-old, who dropped out of Berkmar High School in 2009, went back to the school to get his diploma and shared his graduation photos on Instagram.
A high school in Bradley, Illinois, held a socially distanced ceremony.
Teachers around the country are in the midst of long distance learning during the coronavirus and are all finding new ways to bring what they’ve learned back into the classroom in September.