High School Sports

Former judge Aaron Persky now coaches girls junior varsity tennis at a high school in California, and many parents are not happy about it.
The host of "The Late Show" became an icon of sorts on the football field.
Splendora High coach Oscar Kendall admits the refs sometimes do double takes during games.
One of the four victims was reportedly sodomized in the “hazing" incident, while the other three were able to fight off their attackers.
Randy Dreiling of Kansas state champ St. Thomas Aquinas High School looked like a sore winner after the traditional postgame celebration.
“I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick.”
Several players are accused of taking the pills before a game.
A Denver high school is at the center of a child abuse investigation following the release of this disturbing video at a cheerleading practice.
Later, I saw a report that Dr. Bennet Omalu had found a football player with a Tau-based neurodegeneration and that peaked
The truth is, in the vast majority of cases, specializing in one sport as a young athlete is the wrong way to go.
“Everybody was so accepting, it’s amazing,” Kennedy Cooley said.
If the NFL can’t follow their own rules, they have no business playing the game.