High School Sports

Texas high schooler Jada Walton said she was "just goofing around" to avoid being tagged out by the catcher — and it worked!
“Upon reflection, there was an underlying offensive connection to historical atrocities,” a high school pep club in Alaska said in a statement.
The top state Republican apologized after he was ejected from the high school game.
California's Inglewood High School trounced Morningside by a margin so extreme that the losing coach called his rival "classless."
Imani Bell, 16, was running drills in nearly 100-degree heat in Georgia when she collapsed, her attorneys said. She later died.
Coronado High School players threw tortillas at athletes from the predominantly Latino Orange Glen High School following their 60-57 win.
Brandon Boulware, an attorney and father of four, spoke out against a state proposal that would ban trans athletes from women's sports earlier this month.
“I was crying, not because I was hurt. I was crying because I was angry. I just thought it was unfair,” the student-athlete told HuffPost.
The viral moment unfolded at an Arizona high school basketball game and is almost guaranteed to give you chills.
This self-described "a little extra" dad has gone viral for being his daughter's biggest cheerleader.