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Tennessee state Sen. Kerry Roberts denounced colleges and universities as a “liberal breeding ground” during his radio show last week.
“Even if you make it to college, there’s a real chance you won’t make it to graduation. We need to rethink the systems that result in those numbers.”
Former Phi Psi members boasted about their sexual conquests and hazing rituals, leaked documents show.
If you’re going to ignore conventional wisdom and prioritize your kid’s college over retirement, do it carefully.
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Megan Neely in the medical school's biostatistics master's program warned that it was "impolite" and could have "unintended consequences."
The record gift aims to open the "door of opportunity" for lower- and middle-income students.
Let's stop overselling the benefits of a traditional college education to a generation that can't afford it.
Why didn’t I go get an education somewhere that professors would tell me about the brown bodies that my books forgot or purposely omitted?
Academics, especially academics of color, have been left vulnerable to attacks from racist trolls.
Fliers were posted across Cleveland State University’s campus, encouraging queer students to kill themselves. The University has condemned the posters but says free speech makes it “difficult” to ban the messages.
Commencement was over, and we had awarded diplomas to the more than 800 graduates in a timely way. I had made remarks, as
The Education Department rejected West Virginia University's grant application because it rounded up by $2.
If institutions can have the rights of persons, should they not also be subject to the corresponding responsibilities?
The standards of "credibility" in academia far too often dismiss minorities and their perspectives.