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History professor Annelise Orleck said the response to the pro-Palestinian protest was like nothing she'd seen in her three decades at Dartmouth.
"[F]amily members of alumni will be admitted on their own merits," university President Michael S. Roth said.
More than a dozen states have introduced bills that defund DEI programs at colleges and universities.
The Republican governor's announcement is part of his continued efforts to turn Florida's higher education spaces into incubators for far-right ideas.
It's the most wide-reaching tuition-free scholarship program in the United States, according to the office of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.
The prestigious university will have to reduce its incoming freshman class by almost one-third after the California Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling limiting enrollment.
Employees can get 100% of their tuition, books and other fees covered if they attend certain programs.
The bill would also require faculty to complete annual surveys on their political beliefs.
Faculty and staff at the New Jersey school will be strongly encouraged to seek vaccinations, too.
"The would-be dictator wants to withhold funding based on the content of speech. So much for the Constitution," said ethics expert Walter Shaub.