Hillary Clinton

Beto O'Rourke, Cory Booker, Julian Castro and Elizabeth Warren have all called for Trump to be impeached if he asked for Ukraine's help.
Learn how internet memes became a super weapon in the propaganda war, morphing Pepe the Frog into a Trump-supporting Nazi.
In rebuking the platform, the 2016 presidential candidate cited a "disturbing" report on the Trump campaign's deceptions.
She later quipped about the exhibit featuring all 60,000 pages of her infamous emails on Twitter: "Found my emails at the Venice Biennale. Someone alert the House GOP."
The former Democratic presidential nominee was mentioned in more than 90% of the Fox News host's shows since Donald Trump's inauguration.
The former secretary of state has a special connection with the Duchess of Sussex.
A few ideas: Impeach Trump, replace him with Hillary Clinton, snatch the nuclear codes.
The pop star told The Guardian she thinks the president believes America is an "autocracy."
The former secretary of state tweeted a line from "Truth Hurts" at the singer, confirming that love for Lizzo transcends politics.
CNN's chief legal analyst broke down what the "spate of craziness" really means.
This time he says it's Google's fault. “My victory was even bigger than thought!” he gushed on Twitter after watching a report on Fox Business.
The "Late Show" host went after the president for retweeting something about the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein.
The president retweeted multiple unfounded claims hours after convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide.
The CNN host aired old footage from 2016 in which a pastor chided Trump for attacking Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a speech.
The "Archer" singer worried she'd be a liability, not an endorsement, had she supported Hillary Clinton.
The former FBI agent's complaint alleges the bureau caved to pressure from Trump when it fired him over derogatory messages about the president.
Those who stood up to the status quo are the book's focus, including Madame Curie, Shirley Chisholm and Ellen DeGeneres.
"There was such desire for change,” said the New York City mayor, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.