Holly Bobo

The young woman's skull was found near a home that Austin had moved into only two days before she was last seen alive. Because
According to police, Bobo's brother said he saw a man dressed in camouflage clothing drag his sister through the carport
Director Of Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, confirmed that the remains found this weekend were, indeed, those of the Holly Bobo, the nursing student who went missing in April 2011.
"We believe there are other individuals out there that have knowledge and possible involvement," said Gwyn. "Those individuals
Bobo's cell phone emitted a signal near her Tennessee home approximately two hours after her brother saw a camouflaged man
A pool of blood was found next to the family's carport the day she went missing. Investigators believe her abduction was
It's a tragic when a person, adult or child, suddenly disappears. Often, the case gets immediate attention from the public
While each of the above-mentioned cases was horrific in its own right, the topic of discussion for much of 2012 was centered
The last development in the search for Bobo came last month when law enforcement agents searched the home of an Ohio man
A fugitive sex offender wanted for questioning in the disappearance of a nursing school beauty has been caught, police said
The 20-year-old student has been missing since April 13. She was heading to class at the Tennessee Technology Center when
Hundreds of Tennessee residents are frantically searching for a 20-year-old nursing student last seen being dragged out of