House Democrats

For all of Trump's bluster about his desire for infrastructure projects, he doesn't want any part of this bill.
President Donald Trump has downplayed the crisis. But the nation's leading expert on infectious disease warned lawmakers that the worst is yet to come.
"Your words demonstrate a contempt for women who dare to do their jobs or speak truth to power which reflects poorly on you," wrote the Democratic Women's Caucus.
GOP senators refused to do their job. Will House Democrats do it for them?
House Democrats blocked the Republican effort to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.
House committee leaders' letter suggests Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is attempting to "cover up illicit activity and misconduct."
The president said Democrats' inquiry was "intended to take away the Power of the People."
They're still well short of the votes they need, but the ground is suddenly shifting.
The party's House caucus remains split on several key issues: Trump's taxes, the minimum wage and spending.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' proposed budget cuts were already unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled House.