House Democrats

The party's House caucus remains split on several key issues: Trump's taxes, the minimum wage and spending.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' proposed budget cuts were already unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled House.
The Senate majority leader fumed over Democrats' attempts to strengthen voting rights, ethics and campaign finance rules.
The sweeping proposal, crafted by a band of lawmakers ready for just this moment, targets voting rights, campaign finance and ethics.
Democrats are not fans of the 84th attorney general but see his ouster as another presidential attempt to interfere with the special counsel's Russia investigation.
She's dusting off her playbook from 2006, when Democrats climbed their way out of the minority.
But more than 60 Democrats voted against her. That's bad.
Some want her out. Some don’t. Most just can't make sense of Donald Trump’s win.
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also suggested Donald Trump had been making "verbal poo poo," which, accurate.
In Congress, the immediate legislative future for gun control remains murky at best, but if organizations interested in success shift their focus away from attacks on the NRA and more towards shaping the electorate's emotional trajectory, a change in dynamic might not be far off.
They got to show their frustrations. But they didn't get a vote.
For most Americans, C-SPAN is like a smoke detector. We know it's there but we rarely watch it, taking for granted the fact