House Elections

The New York Republican wants a second term after it was revealed he lied to win a first one.
Local Democrats said her victory will have major "ripple effects across the Commonwealth."
Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s loss in a House race deprived the left of a win in a swing district. But were her progressive views really to blame?
Davids beat former health care executive Amanda Adkins despite competing in a more Republican-leaning district in suburban Kansas City.
Rep. Mike Kelly also claimed that a majority of Americans see the FBI as a “danger” in his debate with Democratic challenger Dan Pastore.
Independent candidate Mike Itkis, who's running against Rep. Jerry Nadler, said he's “kind of a nerd who doesn’t like to be the center of attention if I can avoid it."
History is still on the side of the GOP, but Rep. Steny Hoyer was feeling confident enough to list races he thought Democrats would win.
The state's general treasurer is slated to face former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung (R) in the general election.
Republican Jim Bognet used to have 11 mentions of Trump on his campaign site's bio page. Now there are just two.
The win for Goldman, a moderate, disappoints progressives hoping to fill a rare open seat in New York City.