House Oversight Committee

The Kentucky Republican allegedly offered “cherry-picked, out of context and totally misleading descriptions” of what Kevin Morris said in a closed deposition.
The president's son unexpectedly showed up at a House Oversight Committee meeting that went completely off the rails.
Oren “Hank” McKnelly pointed out a “math problem” for the Colorado Republican as she questioned him at a House Oversight Committee hearing.
The president’s son has previously talked about many of the allegations Republicans are making.
An attorney for the president’s son says a closed-door deposition could be used for selective leaks.
Former Hunter Biden business partner Eric Schwerin told the House oversight committee earlier this year that Joe Biden wasn’t part of Hunter Biden's business.
The House oversight committee on Tuesday asked the State Department for records related to Joe Biden's role in Ukraine when he was vice president.
“We’re done with the cover-ups,” Republican Rep. Tim Burchett said.
Rep. Jasmine Crockett questioned payments that former President Donald Trump received from China during his first year in office.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz sent a scathing message to House Oversight Committee Republicans.