House Republicans

Allies of Speaker Kevin McCarthy are working furiously to shore up support for the latest Republican plan to prevent a government shutdown.
On his visit to Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is finding different receptions at either end of the Capitol.
Far-right Republicans have been threatening for months to file a motion forcing a no-confidence vote in the House speaker.
Rep. David Schweikert’s insulin votes have given his Democratic opponents ammunition to use against him.
The House speaker wondered in the morning whether Trump is the "strongest" candidate but by afternoon upgraded him to "stronger than he was in 2016."
The former Democratic House speaker ripped the GOP for turning the chamber “into a puppet show” with Donald Trump as their puppeteer.
They may have avoided a default on the national debt, but keeping the government open past Sept. 30 is looking tougher.
Rep. Matt Gaetz used the “h-word,” but Speaker Kevin McCarthy and negotiators also said Democrats should be happy with getting little else out of the talks.
Despite his past support for work requirements, the White House hasn’t suggested any interest in fresh benefit cuts for the jobless.