Howard Stern

Despite his claims to respect veterans more than anyone, President Donald Trump has frequently made offensive statements about members of the armed forces and their families.
The shock jock thinks the daytime talk show host would be best served by casting her "Queen of Nice" image aside for good.
Hint: It has to do with green, just not the kind of green central to the movie's plot.
The Oscar winner dished to Howard Stern about her old flame.
"I own it," the shock jock said. The videos include a 1993 clip of himself mocking Ted Danson's infamous blackface from that year.
The comedian perfectly summed up the answer to an often-asked question on Howard Stern's radio show.
The radio shock jock escalates his war of words with the president and his family.
"If more people love my son and are in his life, I’m all for that," the CNN anchor told Howard Stern.
The radio host also names the most "patriotic" thing the president could do.
"Everybody kind of gave me credit, and I was just like, ‘no,'" the comedian joked on "The Howard Stern Show."