Howard Stern

“I don’t know what she could possibly want to talk to me about,” said the actor. “And it’s killing me, I’m dying to know.”
"He had to sit there and tell everyone how great they are," Stern said of Noah's hosting duties.
“This is it, this is his chance,” the radio host said of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.
The “Jolene” singer has been married to Carl Dean since 1966.
The former “Full House” star spoke candidly to Howard Stern about how he only put about “50, 60%” of effort into his marriage.
The rapper played guitar and was backed by a vocal ensemble for the Alice in Chains track.
Maher recently criticized Stern for praising his own wife on his own show — and said Stern should think about his ex-wife before doing so.
The Fox News host insisted the radio veteran, who emphatically embraced the term, just "doesn’t understand what woke is."
Stern said Maher “ought to shut his mouth” after the political commentator criticized him for expressing his love for his wife, Beth Stern.
"I am woke, motherf**ker, and I love it," the radio host said.