Manatees are dying in America’s most biologically diverse waterway because of pollution.
For the first time in nearly a hundred years, bald eagles are nesting in New York City.
An eBay user in Austin, Texas was selling a 2007 white Apple Macbook, but there was a catch… it’s haunted.
Ethan King and his father join HuffPost Live to talk about Ethan’s aim to better the world by providing those less fortunate with athletic equipment.
If you've got C-cup or larger-sized breasts, chances are it feels like you permanently have a toddler attached to your body, and like most demanding children, they dominate your whole life. Oh yeah, you can fill out a sweater like it's nobody's business, and you certainly get male eyes on you, but with your giant ta-tas comes a life of watching your boobs pop out of bras, shirts and dresses like they're rampaging bulls on the streets of Pamplona.
Santa Barbara County in California is in a state of emergency after a pipeline ruptured, spilling thousands of gallons of crude oil. We look at the extent of the damage, the environmental concerns and why these oil spills keep happening.
Kenya is embarking on an ambitious plan to microchip every rhino in the country in a drive to combat a surge of poaching, say wildlife officials.
Mariah Carey’s hit song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” just broke a Spotify record.
The Supreme Court's ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission has opened the door for wealthy donors to spend even more on political campaigns. It will also require interested citizens to learn some new terminology.
Sarah Bryner and Paul Blumenthal join HuffPost Live to clue us in to what dark money means for campaign contributions.