"Will & Grace" joins the list, while "Atlanta" is still in the top spot.
The actor reportedly did not want to be involved with the "Pam & Tommy" series, an Emmy nominee released on Hulu last year.
The move comes one day after Adult Swim announced the producer and voice actor would no longer be involved with "Rick and Morty."
While the Kumail Nanjiani-led series juggles themes that many other shows haven't bothered to broach, some things are left to be desired.
The creator of the new Hulu series talks about crafting the show's complexity and building her TV career, from Shondaland to "Little Fires Everywhere."
Starring Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer and Johnny Knoxville, the Hulu show follows the revival of a fictional early 2000s sitcom.
The Hulu series isn’t issue-ridden because of Mike Tyson's claims, but because it doesn’t extend the same compassion to its female characters as it does to him.
Celebrity-endorsed biographies have long been considered the gold standard — but that doesn’t take into consideration how curated they can be.
The actor and writer, who plays Elora on the FX show, talks about writing this week’s episode and being at the forefront of Native-led stories.
The former heavyweight champ called out the streaming service in a series of heated social media posts.
The groundbreaking show, featuring an all-Indigenous main cast, writers and directors, returns to Hulu on Wednesday.