Human Rights

A report on sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo found David advised the then-governor about his response to the claims.
The LGBTQ group's counsel also warned staff not to speak of Alphonso David’s role in efforts to discredit Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s accusers. What?
The president’s speech captured the futility of prolonging the U.S. mission but offered little reflection on how America created the conditions for the Taliban to repress millions of Afghans.
The GOP senator wants details of HRC president Alphonso David’s ties to the New York governor added to the record of a hearing on the LGBTQ rights bill.
The LGBTQ rights group will investigate if and how Alphonso David helped the New York governor respond to sexual harassment investigations.
“When are you resigning?” one employee asked Alphonso David, Cuomo’s former counsel, in a tense meeting at the LGBTQ rights group.
The global investigation by 17 media organizations found that leaked data suggests oppressive governments use the cyberweapon Pegasus to silence dissent.
The move is likely to ratchet up pressure on the International Olympic Committee, athletes, sponsors and sports federations.
In a letter released this week, three U.N. officials addressed "America’s increased military presence in Guam" and its effect on Indigenous people.
Military and police in Myanmar killed dozens of people in the deadliest day since last month's coup.