Hungary has declared a legal “state of danger” in response to the war in neighboring Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced Tuesday.
A meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest kicked off this week with prominent American conservatives in attendance.
American Republicans have cozied up to Hungary's authoritarian leader, Viktor Orban, whose country is hosting the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Research suggests humans are so hyper-focused on the face in that box that we don’t let our eyes and minds wander as much during remote meetings.
"The Daily Show" comedian headed to Hungary to find out why Trump supporters are so obsessed with the European country.
The "Daily Show" correspondent trolls conservatives at a recent CPAC event.
President Donald Trump praised Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister who has tried to take over the independent news media and who has refused to accept Syrian refugees.
Hungary's nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared victory in Sunday's national elections, claiming a mandate for a fourth term as a still incomplete vote count showed a strong lead for his right-wing party.
Opposition parties made their final appeal to Hungarian voters ahead of Sunday's fiercely fought national election.
The Fox Nation host goes all-in on the white supremacist conspiracy theory that George Soros is waging “demographic war — on the West.”