Hurricane Florence

The state's farming economy is in peril as Hurricane Florence relief remains tied up, Gov. Roy Cooper told the president.
Deputies Stephen Flood and Joshua Bishop turned themselves in Friday in South Carolina.
The storms created a toxic soup that may have overwhelmed nearly 650,000 wells in the Southeast.
Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and stronger, a trend that’s set to continue.
The journalist flew in a helicopter over Mexico Beach, Florida, and said the storm "obliterated" the town.
The lesson from 2018 is that "no two storms are alike," one meteorologist said.
Hurricane Florence claimed 70 homes in this North Carolina neighborhood, but residents haven't lost optimism.
“They have fought so hard to live," said the co-founder of Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary in North Carolina.
The governor ordered $4 million for mosquito control as residents battle giant-sized insects that can reportedly bite through two layers of cotton.
President's bizarre wrecked boat quotes perfect for kids with surreal sensibility.
“We’re trying to take it one step at a time," Shameque Johnson, whose stepmother and half-brother were killed in the storm, said.
Thousands have been urged to evacuate as possible record flooding threatens in the coming days.
Watch Dwayne the dog wear down her resistance on "The Late Show."
In Washington, Congress is starting to consider almost $1.7 billion in new money to aid recovery efforts from Florence.
Tammie Hedges of Crazys Claws N Paws was previously charged with 12 counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license.
Drone footage of flooding in Lumberton, NC, shot by Brian M. Lindsay.
The women were trapped in dangerous Hurricane Florence flood waters while being transported by police in South Carolina.
Now, entire neighborhoods in Lumberton are under water for the second time in as many years.