Hurricane Harvey

Officials in Harris County said there had been a combination of at least 1,000 high-water rescues and evacuations to get people to shelter.
The worst of the flooding is east of Houston, an area ravaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
Social Security Administration data suggests Hurricane Harvey and Harvey Weinstein did not do the name any favors.
“We need to do a better of job of making sure that the safety net reaches everybody that’s been impacted."
Most Americans don't have enough money in the bank to afford even a minor emergency.
As Hurricane Harvey showed, work is already becoming more treacherous for first responders.
The storm could deliver a Harvey-like blast of rain and flooding to the East Coast.
What a flood-prone neighborhood doesn’t want you to know about life after the big one.
Trump's FEMA wasn't ready for last year's record-breaking hurricane season, and it wants the public to know that it's not ready for another one.
Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida are still recovering from last year’s hurricanes.
The minute-long commercial highlights the company's emergency response plans.
Sixteen $1 billion-plus weather- and climate-related events killed at least 362 people.
The decision is retroactive to mid-August 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.
Remember when Melania Trump wore heels to Texas after Hurricane Harvey?
Terry Zwigoff's claim comes on the heels of a similar allegation made this week by "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson.
Aside from politics, these were the worst events that happened in 2017.