Hurricane Irma

The year since the storm has brought the best and worst out of our small island nation.
President Donald Trump praises his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico after the island’s government raised the official death toll from the storm to 2,975.
The agency, already stretched thin by California wildfires and hurricanes Harvey and Irma, was unprepared for the storm that devastated Puerto Rico.
The study found that about 4,645 people died in the aftermath of Maria, and it provided some damning details about life on the island after the storm.
Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida are still recovering from last year’s hurricanes.
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Hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed 80 percent of Puerto Rico's crop value. It could take anywhere from 10 months to a year to get production going again.
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After more than 100 days without electricity, this video captures the moment a school in Puerto Rico finally turns the lights back on.
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Aside from politics, these were the worst events that happened in 2017.
Rain associated with the lethal storm was at least 15 percent stronger, thanks to our warming world.
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Jayden Perez plans to visit Puerto Rico to hand out the toys in time for Three Kings' Day.
It's a reminder of just how "destructive, life-altering and society-altering" hurricanes can be, one meteorologist said.
The Vermont senator has been an outspoken critic of U.S. policies toward the island.
Many of those still displaced by Harvey, Irma and Maria will celebrate the holiday together.