Eruption 20 miles from capital not currently considered a threat because it's in an isolated valley.
Little Grey and Little White were captured from the wild and kept first at a research center, then an aquarium. Now, they're back in the ocean.
Mass testing is a particular strength, but the key may lie in genetics. Having an overwhelmingly homogeneous population that's been studied in depth is an advantage.
Variety is now confirming that the incident took place.
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And the community that has gone from hunting and eating them, to rescuing them.
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The Icelandic band rose to popularity in 2011. A world tour, acclaim and a "Game of Thrones" cameo followed. Now they're in a "Fever Dream."
The vice president's arrival at Keflavik Airport with armed military entourage reportedly set eyes popping.
A company in Reykjavik swapped its flags for rainbow Pride ones ahead of the vice president's visit.