Steve Pankey, 64, said police in Colorado have named him as a person of interest in 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews' death.
“People with no place to live will sleep outside if they have no alternative,” the judge wrote in her opinion.
The Idaho woman lost 65 pounds during surgery to remove the growth.
Robert Crosland said he believed he was doing the right thing by putting the sick puppy out of its misery.
Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah recently approved plans to extend health insurance to 331,000.
Voters in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah approved Medicaid expansion, and a pro-expansion Democrat will be the next governor of Kansas.
The Democrat inspired a new generation of voters, but it wasn't enough to win in this deep red state.
The group of 14 from Idaho's Middleton School District were met with swift criticism last week.
The llama ran off after guides loosened his halter because it irritated the spot of a previously abscessed tooth.
The Middleton School District superintendent has since apologized for the images and vowed to investigate the matter.
Fed up with waiting for elected officials to act on Medicaid expansion, organizers in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and Utah got the question on the ballot to let the people decide.
She's facing a steep climb in the governor's race, but her anti-establishment campaign is winning over supporters across party lines.
A neo-Nazi group in Idaho is behind the calls, and it's gone after the Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate before.
Blake Fischer didn't apologize for killing the animals, just for posting the pictures.
Commissioner Blake Fischer bragged of killing at least 14 animals, including "a whole family of baboons."
Robert Crosland allegedly fed a dying puppy to his classroom snapping turtle in front of students.
Paulette Jordan won the Democratic primary in the Idaho governor's race.
Activists said they've gathered enough signatures to put health care for up to 62,000 people on this November’s ballot.
A campaign to cover 150,000 uninsured people has collected enough signatures to put the question before voters this November.
Since 1982, Idaho has allowed bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. The "Idaho stop" was followed in October by the "Delaware yield," and other states could follow suit.