Illinois Senate

The measure would legalize marijuana and also allow for sweeping pardons of low-level offenders.
The state that he represented in the Senate is now commemorating “Barack Obama Day” for the first time.
The legislation is meant to deter a family member from returning a firearm to a relative whose gun license has been revoked.
The honorary holiday commemorates the former president's birthday.
2008 Presidential Election: overwhelming excitement about Obama as first African American president; minimal excitement about
Three Republican governors have vetoed automatic voter registration bills in the past two years.
by Niv Sultan Let’s say you flip a coin, and it lands heads up. You flip it again, and it’s heads a second time. You toss
You're my first female member of Congress. A woman has never served as a Representative for my congressional district, and the last time Illinois had a female Senator was 1999 -- the year I was born.
Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk apologized for his remark about Tammy Duckworth's heritage, but gun violence opponents and a civil rights group did not find him sincere.