As COVID-19 spreads throughout ICE facilities nationwide, the public health crisis of the coronavirus has compromised the U.S. immigration detention system endangering medically vulnerable detained individuals and staff.
For undocumented LGBTQ immigrants, Pride month represents an ongoing fight for intersectional freedom in the U.S.
"Reading their files made me uneasy. Their claim to citizenship was based on a lie. Were they 'illegal immigrants'? Did that mean I wasn’t a true American?"
"I am 49 years old. Three years ago, I didn’t know who Frank Sinatra was. ... I did not recently come out of a cave. I am a Chinese immigrant who came to this country at age 32."
A federal judge in Louisiana blocked a Biden administration plan to lift Title 42, which denies migrants a chance to request asylum on the southern border.
In a not-so-subtle jab at president Donald Trump’s border policies, former president George Bush spoke about the value of immigration at a naturalization ceremony.
HuffPost senior culture reporter Marina Fang describes "teaching" pop culture to herself — and eventually turning it into a career.
GOP lawmakers blasted the Biden administration for providing baby formula to detained undocumented immigrants during a shortage.
From meatpacking to homebuilding, a lack of workers is costing Americans at a time when inflation is already a top concern.
Eight months into temporary status, Afghan evacuees in the U.S. only have limited — and difficult — options to stay in the U.S. permanently.