Speaking with Univision, the president said that the facility, designed to house up to 700 minors, was a temporary measure.
The former Trump adviser's "zero tolerance" policy led to the separation of more than 5,400 children from their parents at the southern border.
State lawmakers are pushing a bill to prevent law enforcement from transferring people upon their release from prison to immigration detention.
Muslim immigrants fleeing persecution find themselves fighting anti-Islam bias in the U.S. immigration system, even as the Biden administration seeks change.
The legislation reflects Biden's priorities for immigration reform, including an increase in visas and funding to process asylum applications.
The move is a major step toward dismantling former President Donald Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy to deter asylum-seekers from coming to the U.S.
"Biden has sworn to undo the previous administration’s damage to the nation’s immigration system. ... Meanwhile, for those waiting in refugee camps, nothing has changed."
"President Biden has a chance to raise the harsh refugee caps imposed by the Trump administration — and help families like mine reunite in the U.S."
The Jan. 22 slayings near the U.S. border were allegedly carried out by law enforcement. Only four of the dead have been identified so far.
President Joe Biden signed executive orders on family separation, border security and legal immigration on Tuesday, a move Biden described as "eliminating bad policy."