The coup-attempting former president lies as a matter of course, but his lie about the wall he promised he would build in 2016 may wind up costing him in 2024.
It's the first since Republicans took over the House majority earlier this year, but the Georgia congresswoman also made the same move against him in 2021.
“Florida is a dangerous, hostile environment for law-abiding Americans and immigrants,” said Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens.
Congress has not passed a single major piece of immigration legislation into law since 1986 and, let's face it, the problem of immigration is better for Republicans than any possible solution.
It’s still “too early” to say whether the number of crossings has peaked, said the secretary of Homeland Security who credited the drop to harsher penalties for unlawful entry.
The mother of a teen who died this week in U.S. immigration custody said her son had no known illnesses and had not shown any signs of being sick before his death.
Migrants rushed across the Mexico border hoping to enter the U.S. in the final hours before pandemic-related asylum restrictions were lifted.
We spoke to Nick Turner, president and director of Vera Institute of Justice, about priority initiatives, recent wins and the issues Vera advocates for.
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Biden's use of Title 42 to immediately expel migrants without an asylum hearing, begun under the previous administration, ends Thursday under court order.
Although the right to a lawyer is an integral part of the US criminal justice system, it's a right unavailable to immigrants in detention or deportation proceedings.
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