President Joe Biden said he's willing to make "significant compromises" on the border, adding: "We need to fix the broken border system."
Ireland’s prime minister has condemned anti-immigrant protesters, saying the rioters simply wanted to cause chaos, not protect the country’s way of life.
Joy Reid slammed the former White House adviser as a “white nationalist Dracula” while discussing Donald Trump-era immigration policy.
The New York Times reported that Donald Trump wants to round up millions of people and put them in huge new detention camps.
Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) and a group of far-right House Republicans want to revoke visas issued to Palestinians.
The former president managed to deny dozens of felony indictments, offer a spelling lesson and compare himself to a Nobel Peace Prize winner all during one campaign stop.
The in-flight exchange between the senator candidates showed lots of attitude at altitude.
“Those who risk their lives at sea do not invade, they look for welcome, for life," Francis told French President Emmanuel Macron.
Advocates say migrants should be given safe means to seek asylum, not razor-wire obstacles.
The federal policy has prevented the deportation of hundreds of thousands of "Dreamers," immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.