Philadelphia is the latest Democrat-led city affected by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott's plan to use migrant families as political props.
Magnus’s removal is part of a larger shakeup expected at Homeland Security as it struggles to manage migrants coming from a wider range of countries.
The captain of a charity-operated migrant rescue ship has refused Italian orders to leave a Sicilian port after authorities refused to let 35 migrants disembark.
As Afghan civilians try to flee their country, fearing Taliban reprisal for helping Western governments, Fox News is cranking up the anti-immigration ranting.
The disability waiver provides an exception to the English and civics requirements for naturalization applicants who cannot meet the requirements because of their disability.
The governor's office intends to appeal the decision, claiming it already provided enough information on the controversial flights.
Florida officials' text messages reportedly show Texas was aware of the migrant-packed plane trips last month.
Pabon's raunchiest and most illuminating conversations are not with sexperts or other queer people his own age. They’re with his mom, Patty.
The immigrants are being certified as crime victims, making them eligible for U visas, which often lead to green cards.
A Treasury Department watchdog said it “has audit work planned” on the state’s compliance with requirements for using American Rescue Plan funds.