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Read on and tell us in the comments: What did you read and love this week? During this last week in March, we were captivated
Mia Love Holds Mitt Romney Viewing Party [Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City] Lamb, Hanna Both Say They Want More Research Done
Judge Weighs Lawsuit Over Ad In N.C. Governor's Race [Jacksonville Daily News] Scott Brown Gets GOP 'Choice PAC' Endorsement
Santorum Endorses Zoller [Atlanta Journal Constitution] "Josh, this is Pat Feeks, a Navy SEAL killed last week in Afghanistan
With just over two months until Election Day, the Brown-Warren matchup may be one of the country's most expensive contests
Federal Judge Strikes Down Nevada’s 'None Of The Above' Voting Option [Associated Press] Florida To Face Stiffer RNC Penalties
GOP Seeks to Boot 'None' Off Nevada Ballot [Atlanta Journal Constitution] AFP Launches Ad Attacking Kaine on Taxes [Richmond
Republican Congressional Candidates Seek Wins In Georgia Runoffs [Reuters] Rep. Grimm Distances Himself From His Legally
Democrats have not been shy about their intention to make Medicare a central issue of this year's contests, especially with
3 Democrats Vy For Votes In 8th District Primary [KARE] A Washington state man was arrested Thursday for allegedly firing
Tenn. Election Chief: No Time For New Dem. Primary [Times-Picayune "When you sit across from him and you watch him pop 15
Missouri Voters Choose In Set Of Contentious Primary Races [Real Clear Politics] Missouri GOP Senate Race Comes Down To The
"She's the candidate in this race who scares them because she won't go to Washington to just go along, to get along," Palin
Todd Akin stops in Kirksville before primary elections [KTVO 3] Durant, Hoekstra, Hekman debate ahead of U.S. Senate primary
Tim Kaine Discusses Defense Plan [Augusta Free Press] Congressional Candidate Arrested On Trespassing Charge [Watertown Daily
Texas Runoff Garners National Attention With Last-Minute Clinton Endorsement [Houston Chronicle] Shelley Berkely Releases
Coming on the last day of the month, Obama's personal donation -- equal to the maximum amount that someone can donate to
"I'm not going to get involved in presidential politics. I'm not getting involved in any campaigns,'' he said, adding "I
Fight For Bill Kentron's Endorsement Ends With Split Decision [The Tennessean] Hovde has said he opposes the federal stimulus
10 more election stories from beyond the presidential field: Carnahan, Clay Face Off In Democratic Primary [Webster Kirkwood