Inauguration Day

Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president in a ceremony scaled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic and security concerns stemming from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
A sampling of the hats, coats and gowns that have marked the ceremonies for more than 100 years.
A slew of glittery celebrities is descending on Washington to welcome the new administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
The first nationwide memorial honoring the 400,000 U.S. coronavirus dead comes only as Trump is leaving and Biden arriving in office.
On the eve of his inauguration, the president-elect delivered a heartfelt goodbye speech to Delaware on a location named after Major Beau Biden.
Republican leaders in Congress will reportedly attend church with Biden instead of witnessing Trump's formal send-off at Joint Base Andrews.
The "Late Show" host offers up a biting observation about this week's schedule of events as the president gets set to leave office.
Nearly 200,000 flags are on display, representing the American people unable to attend.
"This is not a political statement, this is a statement of unity," the country singer told reporters. "This is kind of how I get to serve this country."
The '90s can't come back fast enough for fans on Twitter.