Inauguration Day

The lame-duck president got wind of the senator's intention, according to Jonathan Karl's new book, "Betrayal."
Artists across the U.S. are honoring the poet's powerful performance at President Joe Biden's inauguration.
The former first lady said her mood during Inauguration Day was anxious at first, but the event ultimately made her hopeful for America's future.
The president has expressed confidence the U.S. is on course to reach and surpass that target for COVID-19 vaccinations.
California venture capitalist Imaad Shah Zuberi secretly funneled foreign funds into U.S. campaigns to gain influence, federal prosecutors said.
Donald Trump's presidency was marked by stable, negative ratings. Biden starts out with a broader pool of potential supporters.
The NFL said the 22-year-old, a star on Inauguration Day, will read her poem before kickoff at the Feb. 7 game.
The Department of Homeland Security cited "a heightened threat environment" across the country.
Brendan Smialowski, a photojournalist for Agence France-Press, said that he didn't like the photo's composition — but he was envious of the senator's mittens.
Giddy at the inauguration of Biden and Harris, some liberals on Twitter acted out in a familiar way: posting tender fan fiction about their favorite pols.