Independence Day

"It’s so easy to be normal and nice," the newspaper's editorial board wrote. "Hawley picked a different path."
The Republican National Committee deleted the tweet after critics pointed out the mistake.
The man charged with killing seven people at an Independence Day parade confessed to police that he unleashed a hail of bullets from a rooftop in suburban Chicago and then fled to the Madison, Wisconsin.
Robert Crimo III confessed to police that he shot at Independence Day celebrators, killing 7 and wounding dozens more.
Twitter users mock South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem's weird holiday photo selection.
The Texas native has floated the idea of running for governor against Greg Abbott.
It's not entirely clear if "the president" speech in the spoof is calling Americans to a reopened economy — or to continue fighting for their lives.
President Donald Trump’s “Salute To America” event featured tanks and flyovers and cost the Pentagon $1.2 million.
The annual July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C., featured President Donald Trump staying on script instead of going after Democrats, like some White House staffers feared he would do.
Besides Independence Day, July 4th is also known for other major events in U.S. history, including the opening of West Point military academy.