"My safety and your safety first," the Grammy-winning rapper wrote on Twitter.
Joshua Payne-Elliott, a social studies teacher, worked at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis for 13 years. He was fired for getting married.
Indianapolis Archbishop Charles Thompson forced Cathedral High School to fire a gay, married teacher last month.
Cathedral High School in Indianapolis said the “agonizing decision” to follow Archbishop Charles Thompson's mandate came after months of dialogue.
The group will start with a protest outside the Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis.
Photojournalist Joseph Rushmore captured images from the annual gathering of gun enthusiasts.
Indiana is one of just five states without a hate crimes statute to cover cases like the shooting death of Mustafa Ayoubi.
Zookeepers are stunned after Zuri fought with long-time mate Nyack.
Shelly Fitzgerald said her job at Indianapolis' Roncalli High School remains "in limbo."
The fuel spilled into the St. Marys River in Decatur, roughly 100 miles northeast of Indianapolis.
Indiana's Roncalli High School has placed Shelly Fitzgerald on paid leave after she reportedly refused to resign.
The state's most populous county leans Democratic. Republicans have fought to constrain early voting there for the past decade.
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph were homeless and fled danger to seek asylum.”
Ahmed Alaklouk, 22, faces a federal gun charge for possessing a weapon while living in the U.S. illegally.
President Donald J. Trump said he’d saved 1,100 jobs at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. But now hundreds more employees have been laid off, and they feel betrayed.
The places still in the running include 17 U.S. cities, one Canadian city and two other U.S. locations.
He "sold us a bag of s**t" we're stuck with, former Steelworkers leader Chuck Jones says at an Indianapolis town hall.
Creative Americans (and even Scots) are scaring up their Halloween Donalds.