The country's political center is literally being crushed under the weight of overpopulation and over-extraction of groundwater.
Tam, a critically endangered Sumatran rhino, died Monday. Fewer than 80 of the species now remain on Earth, almost all of them in Indonesia.
The site for a possible new capital city has not been announced.
More than 200 election workers in Indonesia are dead after the world’s biggest single-day elections.
More than 270 election officers in Indonesia have died, mostly from fatigue-related illnesses, following the country's massive April 17 elections.
As the world struggles to cope with its garbage, places like this suffer the most.
Concerns are following a Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in Ethiopia that killed everyone on board.
Siti Aisyah and a co-defendant were accused of smearing VX nerve agent on Kim Jong Nam’s face in 2017.
Wallace's giant bee has a wingspan of more than 2.5 inches
The country's communications ministry claimed posts depicting the struggles of gay Muslims were "pornographic."
The police chief admitted the interrogation was unprofessional but still defended it.
Police officers have apologized for using a live snake to terrify a suspected thief after a video went viral online.
The island volcano's alert status has been raised to the second-highest level after a tsunami killed at least 430 people.
Unlike other tsunamis that have hit disaster-prone Indonesia following large earthquakes, Saturday’s big waves blasted ashore at night without warning.
We eat it, clean our homes and bodies with it and even fuel our cars with it. But our insatiable demand for palm oil is wreaking havoc on the planet — and our climate.
The agency's website is dormant and it's operating with a skeleton crew, according to documents.
Waves hit the coast around the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra on Saturday.
Waves hit the coast around the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra.
Rescuers in Indonesia also found 115 drinking cups and 25 plastic bags.