In a court deposition, Rob Jacobson said he told Infowars staff to stop spreading lies about the Sandy Hook parents. He says he was laughed at instead.
Infowars was denied an appeal in the defamation case, and now it'll have to pay up.
"Look at Trump's Twitter ... he's watching antifa. That's all we wanted," boasts former Infowars staffer and protest organizer Joe Biggs.
J. Owen Shroyer attacks former president in shocking YouTube War Room video.
Proud Boys, QAnon conspiracy theorists, Infowars fans and other assorted pro-Trump extremists descended upon Orlando Tuesday.
Lawyers for the right-wing conspiracy theorist accidentally sent child porn to the plaintiffs.
Host Alex Jones on Monday signed his companies' settlement agreement with Pepe's creator, Matt Furie.
The president said it was "so great to watch" a video from Alex Jones' conspiracy-mongering website Infowars.
Fox News, Infowars and other outlets amplified conspiratorial theories about the blaze's cause, which has yet to be determined.
The Infowars host is complicit in a lot of conspiracy theories, but he doesn't come up with ideas alone. A suit by Sandy Hook parents brings revealing answers.
The Infowars host was being deposed for his Sandy Hook truther videos when he made the remark.
Infowars host Alex Jones was questioned for three hours by the lawyer of a Sandy Hook parent who has accused him of causing the victims’ families pain by claiming the shooting was a hoax. It did not go well for Jones.
In a deposition, Jones refused to admit his repeated false Sandy Hook hoax claims caused pain to the victims' families.
The lawyer-to-the-trolls got booted from a Sandy Hook defamation case against the Infowars host.
The conspiracy theorist's content has been banned from the platform, but it cropped up on a channel under a different name.
The Infowars conspiracy theorist has replaced his lawyers with two controversial figures: Robert Barnes and Norman Pattis.
The Infowars writer bowed to litigation over a discredited column about a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer.
“Deletion from the channel store and platform has begun and will be completed shortly," Roku said on Tuesday night.
The former Trump adviser's retractions will run on social media and as ads in multiple newspapers.