An attorney representing several families said the proposal “falls woefully short” of providing everything the families are entitled to under bankruptcy laws.
Jones was previously ordered to pay $1.5 billion to the Sandy Hook families for the lies he spread about them on his conspiracy program, Infowars.
Sandy Hook families won nearly the $1.5 billion in judgments against Jones last year in lawsuits over his lies that the 2012 school shooting didn't happen.
“We literally own these streets right now,” Shroyer said on an Infowars broadcast outside the U.S. Capitol the day of the 2021 attack.
The longtime sidekick of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones pleaded guilty to entering and remaining on restricted grounds.
Shroyer, who previously maintained he was innocent, was charged with four misdemeanor counts for his involvement in the Capitol riot.
A judge ruled that attorney Andino Reynal must pay $97,169 to a pair of Sandy Hook parents for attempting to delay the trial through bankruptcy.
A new bankruptcy filing from Jones says he's "Holding firearms" for Jan. 6 rioters. Jones told HuffPost those rioters are his own employees.
“Arrested? My gosh,” Carlson texted. “That’s out of control. Are you free this afternoon?”
“Everyone who thought it was fine that they deplatformed Alex Jones will look like a f**king moron,” Tucker Carlson told the Infowars boss in a text.