A new bankruptcy filing from Jones says he's "Holding firearms" for Jan. 6 rioters. Jones told HuffPost those rioters are his own employees.
“Arrested? My gosh,” Carlson texted. “That’s out of control. Are you free this afternoon?”
“Everyone who thought it was fine that they deplatformed Alex Jones will look like a f**king moron,” Tucker Carlson told the Infowars boss in a text.
EXCLUSIVE: Text messages obtained by HuffPost show the possible editorial influence that a proven liar & conspiracy theorist might have on the most-watched cable news host in America.
Chris Mattei, an attorney for the Sandy Hook families, said in a statement that the court “has now affirmed the jury’s historic and just rebuke of Alex Jones.”
Military veteran Jessica Watkins is on trial with four other Oath Keepers for seditious conspiracy.
Judge Barabara Bellis imposed the punitive damages on Jones for repeatedly telling his millions of followers the Sandy Hook massacre was staged by “crisis actors."
A Connecticut jury last month ordered Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, to pay $965 million to the Sandy Hook families.
Jones filed the requests Friday, saying Judge Barbara Bellis’ pretrial rulings resulted in an unfair trial and “a substantial miscarriage of justice.”
A nearly $1 billion defamation judgment against the conspiracy theorist won't be enough to stop the fringe host from spreading his brand of hate.