Officials did not say which agencies or infrastructure had been breached or what information taken in a March attack.
The Transportation Committee issued the scathing report Wednesday following an 18-month investigation into two deadly 737 Max jet crashes.
Urban areas will need a major transformation to recover from COVID-19. So far, local leaders haven’t stepped up.
For all of Trump's bluster about his desire for infrastructure projects, he doesn't want any part of this bill.
At least 59 congressional Democrats are calling on party leaders to add green provisions to a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill.
The administration says the emergency order will help the U.S. economy recover from the effects of the pandemic. Critics say it will overwhelmingly hurt communities of color.
After the COVID-19 pandemic, our cities will need us more than ever. And we’ll need them, too.
Opponents are fighting to save NEPA, a key environmental law, from what they see as an attack on democracy and environmental justice.
Experts call for better city planning that makes cycling and walking easier and safer for people of all ages.
Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio checks a lot of liberal boxes. But challenger Doyle Canning thinks he’s going easy on the president.