A nationwide shortage of electrical transformers has been growing for years, and it may be getting worse.
Utah, Georgia and Tennessee are the latest states to pass legislation designed to counter demonstrations like those against the Dakota Access pipeline.
A state senator in Wyoming says electric vehicles don’t bother him. So why is he proposing a law to ban the sale of new ones?
The president heaped praise on the Kentucky GOP senator for helping make a historic infrastructure overhaul a reality.
Caused by a failing 90-year-old drain beneath the road, the sinkhole is spurring construction of a temporary bridge — and an impending $5 million permanent fix.
The president mocked conservatives who are now asking for money from his infrastructure program after they'd voted against it.
The new program may draw fire from environmentalists, but decarbonization experts say the infrastructure is needed to hit climate goals.
The party’s climate and health care package has done more to help its political fortunes than the bipartisan agreement.
An eleventh-hour deal between unions and rail companies has averted a strike that would have caused widespread disruption to passengers and businesses.
“I love ’em, man," he said. "They ain’t got no shame."