A growing number of Democratic senators are demanding assurances that Congress will pass another package that includes progressive priorities.
Democrats are skeptical a bipartisan infrastructure deal reached this week will do enough to address the growing threat of climate change. "No climate, no deal,” one senator warned.
A bipartisan group of senators is trying to find compromise on infrastructure.
Climate hawks have a message for the administration as it continues bipartisan infrastructure talks: Don't abandon key investments to fight climate change.
The Biden administration is turning its negotiations to a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers as time runs out to strike a deal.
Sunrise Movement, the youth campaigners behind the Green New Deal, are set to rally at the White House.
Instead of raising the corporate tax to 28% (from 21%), Biden proposed a minimum corporate rate of 15% to pay for new infrastructure projects.
The two sides remain far apart on the size of an infrastructure package, and even more critically, how to pay for it.
The counteroffer to President Joe Biden's more sweeping plan rejects a proposed corporate tax increase to pay for new investments.
Top Democrats are at the whim of centrist senators like Manchin who want to give bipartisan negotiations on infrastructure more time to play out.