The latest in the Let Love Define Family series.
Our hearts go out to servicemembers and military families who are apart this year!
Looks like a "ruff" job.
"I would describe dad's story as one of so many other immigrants who are lucky enough to call this wonderful country home," his daughter said.
At Christmas this year, Gigi will be home with her new family, and all 11 of the kids will open their presents together.
I want friends and family to remember Hudson. It's the wish of all parents who have lost children. To bring them into the present the only way we can, in our memory and in our actions. So I ask friends that no matter how many Christmases pass, please acknowledge our loss each year.
Shannon White is thrilled to have a place to come home to. Now she wants her daughters to join her there.
Under the cloak of darkness, I handed out all my socks again. That was nine years ago. Every week on my way to one of my workouts I'll hand out as many socks as I can (and now gloves too when it's cold). Some of the regulars call me "The Sock Guy."