The reality star opened up about her recent skin cancer scare on Instagram.
The singer celebrated spending "forever and ever" with the model.
After the “9-1-1” star debuted a new hairstyle, social media users began speculating that she might've had a cosmetic procedure.
Dancer and skater Beauty Couch, also known online as Beauty Katera, was found dead on Wednesday, and police suspect foul play.
The dance crew thanked Lizzo for their tour experience as the singer faces misconduct allegations from former dancers.
“Seeing all these people unfollow makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast,” claimed the rapper, who recently blocked and insulted some of her fans.
Multiple police agencies told HuffPost they had no knowledge of Lil Tay's death or any investigation — and the Instagram post claiming she died has been taken down.
Lizzo Lost Over 150K Instagram Followers After Her Lawsuit Statement
The “Red Table Talk” star showed followers her hair's “past” and “present.”