International Atomic Energy Agency

Russian forces abruptly sped out of the Chernobyl containment area this week after seizing the power plant in the earliest days of the war.
"We cannot afford to lose any more time," the International Atomic Energy Agency's director general announced.
Edwin Lyman, a physicist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, was one of 30 U.S.-based scientists scheduled to speak at
Too many countries have diverted their attention toward massive programs that modernize their nuclear weapons stockpiles, jumpstarting a potential arms race when the focus should be on reducing nuclear materials and ameliorating the threat of nuclear terrorism.
Baghdad reported the stolen material to the International Atomic Energy Agency, but has not requested assistance to recover it.
The most tragic consequence of Congress killing the deal would be that it would eliminate the prospect for greater U.S.-Iran cooperation in the region on areas of mutual concern. It would lock in continued enmity between the United States and Iran, serving only to exacerbate tension and conflict across the Middle East. To go down this path when such a mutually advantageous alternative exists would truly be a blunder of historic proportions.
LONDON -- It's hard to be certain, but it may be because the IAEA's track record under its previous head of safeguards, Olli Heinonen, is marred by the botched analysis of the Syrian site at Al Kibar. The Iranians may be insisting on carrying out the Parchin inspections themselves to make sure they, too, are not wrongly accused by the IAEA.
"The December pledge by the United States was for €750,000, in addition to the €850,000 that we had previously pledged for