The police chief admitted the interrogation was unprofessional but still defended it.
They may release a report claiming that the interrogation went awry.
Democrats had the power to block her nomination, but they couldn't stick together.
If they unite, they could have the power to block Gina Haspel from getting the job. Will they?
Torture violates the eighth amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. There has been argument
One afternoon in January of 2012, a Los Angeles dog walker named Lauren Kornberg was taking a stroll through Griffith Park
Amir Hekmati has filed a complaint against the Iranian government, seeking damages for more than four years of imprisonment.
But the majority are not okay with broadening torture laws.
Obama created an elite interrogation group. No one knows if it's working.
The Hernandez case confirms the adage that "confession is the queen of evidence." Even without a shred of physical evidence, an almost unanimous jury voted for conviction based on a 33-year-old statement, given by a man suffering from a personality disorder and limited intelligence.
Join Alyona as she takes you through the day's top international stories, including hundreds of protester arrests in Hong Kong, China's new ban on Islamic veils and one man's story of growing up in Guantanamo.
There is a wealth of solid science demonstrating that cruel forms of interrogation do not elicit good intelligence. In fact, this kind of interrogation often leads to resistance and falsehood.
Interrogation differs from reflection. Reflection has a dreamy quality to it, where memories drift in as if harnessed to clouds. Reflection relies on chance. Interrogation is forceful. It's deliberate. It exposes every fact, feeling, and idea that it can.
After receiving the redacted report from the White House, Feinstein announced that the wider release of the report would
There's no place for such conjecture testimony in the court system or the court of public opinion. It may make for great television but it is not science.