As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surge across the Midwest, some states have finally imposed restrictions to slow the spread of the virus.
Without political leadership, it's up to everyday Americans to do what it takes to get the pandemic under control
“We can’t afford to have Election Day serve as a superspreading event across the state and country," one Iowa official said.
The party has persuaded voters throughout the Midwest to return to the Democratic fold.
The same brown-haired woman appears in political attack ads in Maine, Kansas and Iowa.
The virus is getting worse in states that the incumbent president needs to win the most as the region is raging with new infections.
During the Senate debate, Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst was asked about the price of soybeans, but she fumbled and got it wrong.
The Iowa senator first ducked an important question, then blamed an audio glitch when she got it wrong.
Rural America 2020 put up the large warning sign outside the Des Moines International Airport ahead of the president's campaign rally Wednesday.
About 100 people were gathered inside a building in Waterloo when there was “some kind of confrontation," police said.