Many reacted in disgust to a viral video showing the Florida governor rubbing his face before patting the man's back in Iowa.
An Iowa police officer hopped on the vehicle's hood and pointed his gun at the man before a dramatic pursuit in 2021.
"He acts like the bug alien from 'Men in Black' when it was in the body of the farmer," one Twitter user noted.
Denver, Austin and Nashville are hugely popular destinations, but consider these other state capitals for your next trip.
The National Weather Service says the Mississippi River is cresting in Iowa as areas along the river continue to brace for flooding.
Republicans are caught between a conservative base that wants a nationwide abortion ban, which is unpopular overall, and their desire to win elections.
Donald Trump, stinging from a rebuke by a leading anti-abortion group, used a speech in Iowa to spotlight his actions as president to try to restrict abortion rights.
Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Nohema Graber in 2021. They were 16 at the time.
Deadly storms this spring have killed dozens of people across a wide swath of country.
The Iowa Attorney General’s Office has paused its practice of paying for emergency contraception, and in rare cases abortions, for victims of sexual assault.