Cases among unvaccinated people are surging. More than 600,000 people in the U.S. have already died of COVID-19.
For now, a central question in Republican politics is whether Donald Trump, who continues to advance lies about his loss last year to Joe Biden, will run again.
Michael Thomas Lang has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Sgt. Jim Smith, a 27-year veteran of the Iowa State Patrol.
Hart blamed her loss on a “toxic campaign of political disinformation” that she said had “effectively silenced the voices of Iowans.”
Michael Ray Stepanek sped his car through demonstrators, hitting several, and told police it was because they needed "an attitude adjustment."
As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations surge across the Midwest, some states have finally imposed restrictions to slow the spread of the virus.
Without political leadership, it's up to everyday Americans to do what it takes to get the pandemic under control
“We can’t afford to have Election Day serve as a superspreading event across the state and country," one Iowa official said.
The party has persuaded voters throughout the Midwest to return to the Democratic fold.