The Massachusetts senator rose while the former vice president lost his lead in a key poll for Iowa's upcoming Democratic caucus.
Elizabeth Warren decried the killings this year of 18 trans women of color, Cory Booker said it's time for a "woke president" on LGBTQ issues.
A new plan would allow people unable to make it to their normal caucus to apply to set up a "satellite caucus."
Harris’ campaign said they’re aiming for a “top three” finish in the state.
The California senator and Democratic 2020 hopeful plans to join the strike line as part of the Fight for $15 movement.
The downturn in farm belt fortunes amid Trump's trade war with China isn't good for the president going into 2020.
Although he's closest to Warren ideologically, Sanders believes voters who back Biden are the most persuadable.
Iowa and Nevada proposed making their caucuses more accessible by allowing voters to caucus remotely via phone.
The Iowa Republican, who has defended white supremacy, made the crack while discussing alleged abuses of Muslims in China.
The congressman from Iowa defended his bizarre remarks and suggested he was the victim of a “vibrant left-wing media.”
Storming through the Iowa State Fair has become a central obligation of any would-be president, much to the seeming annoyance of almost everyone involved.
“What’s exciting from our perspective is that some of these ideas are catching hold," said a sustainable farming advocate.
Kamala Harris is pitching incrementalism. Bernie Sanders says that will cost Democrats the election.
The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate became emotional in Iowa while discussing the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl.
The 2020 presidential hopeful made the confusing mix-up at a town hall just hours after saying he chose "truth over facts" at another campaign speech.
The former vice president told reporters at the Iowa State Fair that Trump "speaks" to white supremacists.
Last fall, Scholten lost to King by only 3% of the vote, the closest margin for any of the Iowa congressman’s challengers in his nine terms in Congress.
Emails show that Iowa Department of Human Services Director Jerry Foxhoven routinely sent messages to employees lauding the rapper even after at least one complained to lawmakers.
The new tele-caucus systems are aimed at boosting voter participation.