Iowa Caucus

The Massachusetts senator rose while the former vice president lost his lead in a key poll for Iowa's upcoming Democratic caucuses.
Although he's closest to Warren ideologically, Sanders believes voters who back Biden are the most persuadable.
Iowa and Nevada proposed making their caucuses more accessible by allowing voters to caucus remotely via phone.
“I just feel like Warren is more of the planner. And Bernie, while I love him for this, he’s definitely more of the idealist."
“As a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on ... I’ve clearly had advantages," he said.
Like many other presidential candidates before her, the California senator learned last weekend just how seriously Iowans take caucus season.
The Golden State wants to shake up the 2020 primaries, but it might prove a footnote once more.
Ethical governance is better governance. Corruption is bad for economic growth. Voters often reject candidates and political
Most of the politicos who were paying attention to the P.U.M.A. movement of 2008 had then dismissed us as merely being sore-loser, tantrum-throwing Hillary supporters -- scorned voters seeking revenge by not voting for Barack Obama in the general election.
Every four years, as the snow flies, politicians who would be President come storming into caucuses, with reporters in their wake. And it can be hard work. Covering nominating conventions entailed four long concentrated days.
The story illustrates perfectly how insane and wonderful the Iowa caucuses truly are.
He has said, "The road to the White House heads through the West."
The final GOP debate was scheduled for March 21st in Salt Lake City, the first sans-Rubio showdown after a big March 15 primary battle. But when Donald Trump decided he wanted to sit it out Wednesday, Ohio Governor John Kasich dropped out as well, prompting debate host Fox News to cancel it entirely.
What many expected to be a coronation for establishment candidate Hillary Clinton has morphed into a pitched battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. Despite all the corporate media hype to the contrary, the long slog to the Democratic nomination is just getting started.
Three days ago, eleven states voted for the Republican candidates; nine used primaries, and two used caucuses. Of the nine
Theoretically, all of these later winner-take-all states could offer an opportunity for any of the top three candidates to catch fire and challenge the leader, but only if the field has been cut down to no more than three by early March.
In a day marked by spirited political disagreement, everyone involved came together to agree on one thing: this was not what democracy was supposed to look like.