U.S. policy stymies Iran's access to medicine and vital equipment, 32 members of Congress say in a letter shared exclusively with HuffPost.
Nearly 300 people have been killed and more than 1,000 sickened by ingesting methanol in the mistaken belief it protects against the new coronavirus.
A group of Democratic senators joined growing calls for Trump to ease punishing sanctions and provide aid to Venezuela and Iran amid the worsening pandemic.
President Trump said he "won't accept" that Levinson, who disappeared in 2007, has died. But administration officials said he may have passed "some time ago."
Roughly nine out of 10 of the over 18,000 cases of the new virus confirmed across the Middle East come from Iran.
The attack targeted the Iranian-backed Shia militia in Iraq, marking a major escalation in U.S.-Iran tensions.
There are 2,336 cases of the new coronavirus in Iran, including a top emergency official and at least 23 members of parliament.
Researchers believe COVID-19 may have been circulating in the state for weeks undetected.
Mohammad Mirmohammadi became the first top official to succumb to the illness that is affecting members of the Islamic Republic’s leadership.
During a Saturday press conference, the president announced new travel restrictions on Iran, Italy and South Korea.
Trump, meanwhile, denounced criticism of his response to the threat as a “hoax” cooked up by his political enemies.
It appeared Saudi officials worried about the risk of pilgrims spreading the virus as they had in Iran.
About 81,000 people around the globe have been sickened by the coronavirus that kept finding new targets.
Iraj Harirchi confirmed the diagnosis a day after he gave a news conference seeking to minimize the danger posed by the outbreak.
Federal prosecutors have charged Chinese tech company Huawei with racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets from U.S. companies. The indictment also alleges Huawei violated U.S. sanctions by conducting business with Iran and North Korea.
President Donald Trump is almost certain to veto the measure, however.
The Ivy League schools allegedly accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran and China, and failed to report it.
A question about the assassination of Qassem Soleimani did little to draw contrasts between how the candidates would deal with bad actors abroad.
President Donald Trump initially said no Americans were injured in the retaliatory missile strikes on Al-Asad air base in Iraq.
Three years into the ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries, many Iranian Americans say they feel caught up in political limbo with no solution in sight.