Iran Prisoners

The former president highlighted Paul Whelan's incarceration while criticizing a White House deal freeing another inmate, Brittney Griner.
It's not clear what crime Michael White is accused of. His mother said he was visiting his Iranian girlfriend when he disappeared.
Homa Hoodfar's family says she could hardly walk or talk.
Her niece says Iranian media is accusing the professor of "fomenting a feminist revolution."
Baquer Namazi is 80 years old and his family says he's on medication for a heart condition.
"Many parents of gay kids have been so homophobic until they discover that their kid is gay. And then they’re stuck between what they learned and what their beliefs are on the one hand, and what their love is on the other."
The two diplomats have boosted communication to unprecedented levels since the 1979 revolution -- but they won't be around forever.
The success of a separate agreement could give hope to the families of those still stuck in Iran.